Will 28-hour shifts for medical residents improve patient care?

Will 28-hour shifts for medical residents improve patient care?

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The US Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education is proposing to increase the number of consecutive hours medical residents can work, but some fear it could hurt patient care and quality of doctor training.
27 Dec 2016 - General
It is very difficult to function well if you are deprived with sleep and rest. This will compromise patients care, your perfomance and quality you may deliver. In order to care for others well, we also need to think about ourselves. I just couldn'...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz in my opinion is very hard and exhausting to work for 36 hours.
Although there may an advantages and massive efforts are done, we can't neglect the negative impac...
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This topic is a complex issue because there are a lot of factors to consider if 28 hour shifts will improve patient care. For instance, continuity of care among resident physicians can improve patient care, however physician fatigue can also be disad...
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The same setup happens in our country Mahmoud AbdelAziz. Residents still continue to work on 32 hour shifts and most adapt to lack of sleep. There are 2 sides to every recommendation and I ...
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In Sarawak General Hospital, Malaysia, house officers have to spend on-calls for 30 hours in some departments like Obstetrics and Gynecology. Medical officers may have to spend up to 36 hours on-calls in other departments. That is why 24 hours shifts...
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