3 reasons why TB treatment compliance fails

3 reasons why TB treatment compliance fails

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Why do TB patients fail to comply with treatment course until completion? Two government doctors give their views.
27 Dec 2016 - General
I agree with Jennifer Winter that Filipinos are in denial when diagnosed with tuberculosis. I have to note the housing structure in the lower income population also. Since infection is via droplet inhalation, it can easily be transmitted once a person gets infected. Our healthcare system is also guilty of not being able to provide adequate protective equipment for personnel. It is really multi-factorial as to why...
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Many developing countries are riddled with this notorious disease TB. Here in the Philippines TB is highly taboo. If you suggest someone has TB they would either get offended or get alarmed. Either way people tend to come in late despite the symptoms as most are in denial. It is definitely treatable and with the DOTS program treatment is free and readily available. People just have issues with compliance due to the stigma of having the disease which unfortunately leads to our drug resistant form...
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Recurrence of the disease may occur due to non compliance with the advised treatment and so the patients should be educated to avoid such scenarios. Tuberculosis is a major disease affecting the developing nations like India. In India, many people fail to comply with the treatment regimen for tuberculosis due to lack of awareness and motivation. Many times, the long duration of treatment and the heavy dose of the drugs may lead to non-compliance. Whatever may be the reason, the doctor should edu...
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