A disconnect between physicians and laboratory professionals | OUPblog

A disconnect between physicians and laboratory professionals | OUPblog

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Many clinical decisions are based on laboratory test results. The rapidly expanding number and complexity of these tests present physicians with many challenges in accurately and efficiently ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests. Diagnostic errors affect 5% of US adults who seek outpatient care each year, and contribute to approximately 10% of patient deaths and 6 to 17% of hospital adverse events.
27 Dec 2016 - General
I agree there is a need to establish good relationships with our laboratory counterparts and others as well as a matter of fact. For the lab there needs to be clear communication as I have seen quite some amount of discordance when information is communicated well. I remember when I was an intern there was a misunderstanding I had with lab personnel when it came to drawing blood from a patient. The lab didn't explain well what the problem was and I got hot tempered. Clear lines of communicat...
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This is a common problem in dentistry also. The relationship of a dentist and the laboratory technician plays an important role in the success of many treatment procedures in dentistry. And as mentioned in the article, due to widespread advancements in the field of laboratory testing and many other fields, many dentists face a gap or disconnection with their laboratories, especially when important decisions have to be made. As a result, many dentists have started the practice of having a in-hous...
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