Medical errors: Negligence leads to patient mix-up

Medical errors: Negligence leads to patient mix-up

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Medical errors are dangerous, and may also result in the death of patients. While some errors stem from honest mistakes, oftentimes they are a result of negligence by healthcare professionals to comply with procedural guidelines.
27 Dec 2016 - General
This is not a surprising scenario as medical errors has been increasing over time. One of the reasons would be failure of counter checking and passing by the standard/correct way of readjng orders, carrying out orders and most especially identifying patients identity. Language could be a barrier but it isn't a step that needs to be skipped on as it can lead to serious medical errors just like what has been mentioned in the article. It is okay to look like you are over meticulous in checking ...
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Medical negligence can be serious crime and the scope of such mistakes doesn't apply for doctors and other healthcare staff. Any mistake in the healthcare sector can affect a life and cases like that mentioned in the article may even lead to the death of the patient. Although, human errors cannot be avoided to some extent, still utmost care and precision should be taken in the healthcare setting so that there is no chance of any error or mistake, so that the intended regimen of care is deliv...
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Madhubabu kaaja negligence is quite common. I remember one incident where I was requesting for both chest and hip radiograph. The procedures to be done were ticked and encircled so it cannot be missed. However, hip x-ray request was still missed out and the patient had to experience inconvenience of heading back for another x-ray procedure. Verification of patient and procedure are very important and all must foll...
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