7 serial killers who were nurses

7 serial killers who were nurses

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While it is known that medical errors can cause the death of patients, the frightening truth is that, sometimes, such “errors” may not be accidental.
27 Dec 2016 - General
Like what Mark Edmon Tan said, it is highly likely that these healthcare professionals were suffering from a mental illness. However, this article is also a reminder for all of us that such cases are possible, and these things can be avoided if there are appropriate administrative measures to investigate unusual deaths or unlikely complications from illnesses. If these things are overlooked, then the hospital is...
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This is indeed a frightening truth. Nurses who are seen as a caregiver, on whom the patients rely, can be a killer can be really frightening. This article highlights the criminal cases in which the nurses who were serial killers were responsible for killing the patients, instead of saving their lives. It can be a social stigma. However, in any hospital or healthcare set up, tight scrutiny should be exercised during selection of their healthcare staff as this may eliminate the risk of such events...
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