Filipino healthcare workers: Learning from successes and setbacks

Filipino healthcare workers: Learning from successes and setbacks

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The healthcare profession has had its fair share of praise in the public’s eyes, especially with research breakthroughs or when doctors and nurses succeed at saving lives. Unfortunately, when things are not as good, it is quite easy for people to criticise the profession. Filipino healthcare workers, practicing both in and out of the country, are often the subject of scrutiny at home. Here are some stories that either improve or hurt the image of Filipino HCPs around the world, and the lessons we can learn from them.
27 Dec 2016 - General
I feel sad for the government doctor who was penalized for double compensation. Is she a victim of our defective healthcare system? She may have her reasons for doing such act or for whatever noble rationality, what she did is still against the law. ...
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The stories narrated in the article imparts an important lesson about service and commitment to work ethics and administrative policies. Simply doing your best without compliance with policies doesn't cut it, and in fact put one's hard-earned...
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Wow. I was amazed with the first story mentioned in the article. Such an inspiring one! I believe taking care our patient equally regardless of their status is one of the significant role of all healthcare providers. We should treat everyone fairly f...
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