The 10 Cardinal Sins Doctors Should Never Commit

The 10 Cardinal Sins Doctors Should Never Commit

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We know doctor jobs are stressful.    But please don’t get brainwashed into developing new bad habits.  We put together a list of the top 10 sins we should all avoid committing as physicians…
28 Dec 2016 - General
The last statement of the article is very striking. None of theses sins are worth putting your hard-earned medical jobs on the line. It takes a lot of investment and hard work to develop a pharmacist or any other health care professional. But these sins if adopted by an HCP, it would have a great impact on the career of the HCP. However good an HCP may be, one error on his part and his career may go for a toss. Patients are more likely to remember any bad work by a physician rather than his mul...
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Wearing our white duty uniforms, we should wear it with pride and dignity. We should project a good behaviour in our community. Common problem is actually smoking and binge drinking. I guess most of healthcare professionals are guilty of this especially to those who are smoking while wearing their duty uniforms. It saddened me especially if i got to see anyone from medical field who do smoke in public (esp.wearing duty uniforms). I hope that all healthcare professionals will stop doing this in p...
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