Female doctors linked to lower patient mortality rate

Female doctors linked to lower patient mortality rate

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A new study has discovered that elderly patients cared for by female doctors were less likely to die or be readmitted to hospital than are patients treated by their male counterparts.
28 Dec 2016 - General
Oh, the gender equality issues here. I think that there really shouldn’t be any discrimination between the sexes in any field. Anyway, maybe the reason that female doctors are linked to better patient care has to do with their tendency to be more nur...
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Although I have encountered some female doctors with scary sharp behavior, I agree with your opinion that female personnel are likely to be more caring and sensitive towards patients ...
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It's a good news for the female doctors. Female doctors can be more sensitive and may be able to relate more emotionally and sympathetically with the patient. The senile population faces a problem of loneliness along with other medical diseases. ...
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An earlier paper found that on average, female academic physicians still get 8% less than males, regardless of specialty, years of experience or productivity. This translates to a wage gap of about $20,000, although the extent of the disparity does v...
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