How psychologists in PH are perceived

How psychologists in PH are perceived

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In the Philippines, there are only a few licensed, practicing psychologists leaving an acute shortage in professionals qualified to provide mental health services to the people. But what really is the status of psychologists in the country?
28 Dec 2016 - General
I actually wanted to take up Psychology as a course in college because I was very much interested in how the human mind works and how this influences behavior. Also, growing up with an aunt who had schizophrenia made me familiar with mental disorders and how important mental health is. Psychology has always been fascinating for me and I’m glad that the Professional Regulation Commission has offered licensure exams for Psychometricians and Clinical Psychologists. I think this is a star toward rec...
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Not only in Philippines, the case is similar in India too. Mental disorders are seen as a social stigma or a taboo and so many doctors also avoid pursuing psychology and psychiatry as a career due to the thought of having low patient influx. However, the scenario is changing in recent times and such fields are getting popular, but not to a very great extent. Mental health is as important as physical health and so the government of any country should take effective steps to promote such career ch...
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It is true that psychology is still on its infancy stage and most of the people in the Philippines make it as a least priority when it comes to profession. However with the surging cases of anxiety, suicide, eating disorders and much more mental conditions in the Philippines, we are badly in need of you guys. Most people think that memtal disturbances couldn't affect seriously our physical health but then it isn't right. Most of us are just surprised these people are commiting suicide. W...
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