Higher taxes on sweetened beverages not solution to fight obesity - DTI

Higher taxes on sweetened beverages not solution to fight obesity - DTI

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Imposing higher taxes on sugar beverages is not the best solution to curb obesity among Filipinos, according to the Department of Trade and Industry. The move will more likely have a negative effect on producers and consumers.
28 Dec 2016 - General
I can still recall the feeling while reading the previous article in the community about imposing tax on these sugar sweetened beverages. This can also be a relief for most of the people who's overconsuming these beverages! However the proposed campaign on how to avoid obesity, imposing the means on proper diet and exercise deserves more focus rather than imposing high taxes on the drinks. It is like, if people are really addicted to it, no matter how expensive it is people will still go and...
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It is easy to control the supply of sweet drinks in schools. Healthier alternative drinks like fresh blended fruit juice can be sold instead or even fruits, which would be much healthier. Advertising on how much sugar there is in one bottle of sugary drinks may scare some individuals into not drinking them so frequently as well. Penalising the industry and its producers is not the way to go, however, we can suggest to them to produce drinks with less sugar so that buyers may have a healthier alt...
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