5 easy social media tips for doctors

5 easy social media tips for doctors

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Medical professionals in Malaysia and Singapore are still leery of adopting social media in their professional lives. Many consider it a distraction, or worse, a potential liability. However, Dr. Kevin Pho says it is important for physicians to use social media to ‘define their online presence’.
29 Dec 2016 - General
I think these tips are useful for any kinds of professional practice. Though the use of social media to promote medical practice is not yet very common here in our country, I’ve seen sites and blogs of physicians from Western countries successfully promote their practice. Plus, the likes of blogs like KevinMD and other physician blogs show how doctors can make their social media presence well-established. I don’t know if this trend will catch on in the Philippine setting, but who knows, almost a...
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Despite my love for technology, as I am a highly techie person, I don't know if I will be comfortable with having an online presence where you get rated, receive comments etc. I would like to leave the commenting as word by mouth where patients I have handled tell their friends and so on. Yes there will always be a negative comment but reading a negative comment from a stranger would give you the wrong perception about a doctor as it is one sided and when such comments are left they tend to ...
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Social media could be a boon or a bane for healthcare professionals, one should really tread with caution when using social media. Blogs about the healthcare professional's personal life should be on 'private mode' for confidentiality and no snide remarks (about patients, especially) should be posted online. It is good for garnering feedback, albeit some of them may be hurtful at times. But then again, one never learns without constructive feedback, so learn to filter out the constru...
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In todays digital world, we could no longer deny that people have been very techy accross all ages. From children and even to senior citizen days. I have come to read a previous article in the community also regarding having online profiles being linked to doctors professional practice. We can never deny this will add up to their popularity, reviews and may also affect their public way of care. Most of the people has their own social media sites and having yourself being advertised through these...
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