Clinician scientists in short supply in Singapore despite efforts

Clinician scientists in short supply in Singapore despite efforts

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Clinician scientists are doctors who double as scientists. Despite the government’s efforts to boost employment numbers, individuals cite various deterrence factors that should be targeted to boost employment.
29 Dec 2016 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz
Unfortunately this field is not available in our country although it plays an important role in enhancing work of healthcare facilities, even science college in my country is facing difficulties to find the appropriate position in work field compared to the massive basic and advanced courses they studies.
There is no doubt the the clinical scientists are important, hope our country to f...
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I am unsure with the number of clinical scientist percentage shortage in Malaysia or Singapore compared to the Philippines. They are essential and a big contributing factor in developing new trends in the improvement of healthcare accross the globe. Unlike these two countries who have set a date and target on how much will they produce to overcome the shortage over the years, I am also wondering if the Philippines has this same set of mentality of having more opportunities for clinical scientist...
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