RM2 million worth of expired drugs have been disposed by MOH

RM2 million worth of expired drugs have been disposed by MOH

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Malaysia's Ministry of Health has also urged healthcare professionals to prescribe drugs to patients only when needed and patients to be complaint towards their medication therapy.
29 Dec 2016 - General
That is a brilliant idea Marinelle Castro . Incentives can strongly encourage people to give back the unused medications so that others in need can consume it. These incentives can be eith...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz
It is a great approach to be done and will be very helpful and the outcome is incredible.
Most people just keep saving medications they don't use as they thin...
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As long as the drugs are discarded after expiry, it is only a loss of money. But this can cost lives if expired drugs are administered to patients without properly checking the dates of expiry. It is good that programmes such as "Return Your Med...
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Perhaps another solution would be to offer incentives for citizens who return unused medicine, which are not expired. The treatment for hypertension and diabetes can change from time to time depending on blood pressure and sugar control on every chec...
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This is actually a very interesting problem and also a great solution which has been brought forward by the Malaysian government. But I think a better approach would be actually for a tighter inventory to be placed in both hospitals and in patients. ...
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I think PPU program is a really good idea adopted by the Malaysian government to safely dispose unused medications. Other steps taken to control medications wastage includes dispensing medications on monthly basis for long term patients besides stron...
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