Only 16% of medical news found to have independent expert commentary

Only 16% of medical news found to have independent expert commentary

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A recent analysis revealed that only 16% of health news stories have comments from qualified, independent experts – while a majority of commentators either had conflicts of interest or are unqualified.
29 Dec 2016 - General
I guess this is one of the reasons why the issue regarding the lack of standards and accurate data reporting is compromising the quality of scientific findings. A lot of studies today, even if published in reputable journals, may still lack certain c...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz not all the information and articles which are published online should be trusted.
I think if you found yourself interested in one of them you should try to find the r...
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Articles placed online are really sometimes questionable. Information is very easy to be spread out through without any other approval. I don't know what is there motive of spreading false information and even misleading people. Better check for ...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz I agree that medical report bias is worrisome because this can be easily misinterpreted by consumers. Health information literacy is quite difficult to ascertain at the m...
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The credibility of many medical news websites is increasingly questionable these days. Many websites report partial findings or biased studies. Even more, it has become a daily experience to encounter different articles opposing each other due to lac...
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