Tales of nurses and death

Tales of nurses and death

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Here is a look at tales of death revolving around nurses – be it in hospital wards or being sent into the heart of public health crises camps.
29 Dec 2016 - General
I really admire nurses because they do most of the difficult and “dirty work” in the hospital. Also, they seem to be the most knowledgeable about various aspects of patient care, and are the members of the health care team who can get the closest to ...
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Reading this article reminded me of a dear colleague who died because he got infected. Just recently, a telemetry nurse in our institute, who allegedly contracted a respiratory infection from one of his patients. Unfortunately, the pathogenic bacteri...
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Death is inevitable and we need to face it. Several stories of example nurses are facing are being mentioned in the article. I am saddened by the topic about the outbreak in Western Africa. Those poor nurses are just doing their job to care and tryin...
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A nurse is witness to two constants in life - birth and death. While the former is often described as a miracle, the latter carries a darker connotation. Death chooses no place - it can be in a hospital ward or some desolate camp while trying to figh...
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