FDA to establish medical standard for laboratory testing industry

FDA to establish medical standard for laboratory testing industry

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With the expansion of new products due to emerging technologies, the FDA wants companies to prove product efficacy before marketing.
29 Dec 2016 - General
I’ve heard about Theranos and I thought that their testing equipment using only a few drops of blood to screen over 200 tests was quite an amazing innovation. Turns out, it was too good to be true. It’s about time that the FDA monitor everything used...
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I also see this as a very good move by the FDA. We sometimes cannot relyy on investigation results of some laboratories, so patient have to end up doing the same test from 2 or more different places to get an accurate result. Although I am uncertain ...
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I agree that there should be global standards on lab tests in order to establish a test's reliability and validity. However, I hope that the FDA will be transparent with regards to its approval process in order to assure that there is no politics...
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Finally FDA has made an attempt to authenticate the laboratory testing because I have seen a lot of difference in the same test by different labs. Billions of laboratory tests are ordered every year and whilst most of these tests inform about the hea...
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