PH: Lawmaker pushes for approval of Caregivers Welfare Act

PH: Lawmaker pushes for approval of Caregivers Welfare Act

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A lawmaker is pushing for a measure that would protect the rights of caregivers and professionalise the service, thereby giving these health workers more sense of pride in their work and prevent abuse and exploitation.
29 Dec 2016 - General
It’s about time that the welfare of caregivers also be given attention and importance. A lot of schools here in the Philippines offer caregiver courses and many of our countrymen opt to take on such courses due to the increased opportunities for empl...
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Not only nurses but also caregivers in the Philippines are sharing the same sentiments of exploitation. Overworked, stress and fatigue with a lesser and worst come to worst, without payment and a contract. Good thing this movement has taken the first...
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Caregivers also play a very important role in the healthcare sector. It is not only the doctors and nurses that helps miraculously cure a patient's disease and send him / her home. Sometimes, particularly in patients who are chronically ill, doct...
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I hope that the Caregivers Welfare Act becomes approved in order to protect the interest of caregivers. A lot of my patients need the services of a caregiver and based on my observation, some of them actually live in the houses of their employers. I ...
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