Prompting helps doctors ask teens about gender identity

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29 Dec 2016 - General

Gender identity is the gender which one wishes to assume regardless of the birth gender and physical characteristics. Asking a patient about his or her gender will be helpful in enabling them to get the treatment they require. Some patients may wish to be called by a different pronoun than what society usually labels them with. Asking them is considered as respect, however some countries may be disapproving of this. Some individuals too, believe that there are only two genders, and one's gender is defined at birth. What are your views on this issue?


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Gender identity is also not much common in Pakistan as well. There are very few cases that I have seen regarding gender identity. There is a role of parents and society in gender identity disorder and I think parents must be educated in very careful ...
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Chih Chiang Nieh Inquiring about an adolescent's gender identity is actually a sensitive topic, and there is no universally accepted approach to this concern. Personally, I think that...
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This is an issue doctors almost always fail to address. Disorders of gender identity are not very common in the society, but it is important to detect this problem as early as possible in a growing child, because the earlier it is diagnosed, the easi...
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