Supporting health-related New Year's resolutions

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29 Dec 2016 - General

As the year ends, it is common for people to make a list of New Year's resolutions. Some of the most common resolutions are health-related. This can range from achieving a certain weight, establishing new exercise routines, quitting smoking, or simply eating healthier. For healthcare providers, it is important to help patients make a commitment to these health-related resolutions. Personally, I ask patients to make realistic goals, which can be objectively tracked and measured. How do you support your patients in committing to these resolutions?

With every New Year, we all hope to do better than the year before. We set new goals or even renew the same old ones. I believe that the most common goals would be categorized within giving up bad habits or acquiring new healthy life. We surly as hea...
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For the record, my patients are my family. It is easier to monitor their diet, lifestyle and way of living. My father had a HPN, which needs to have a close monitoring of his BP. I always encourage him to stay fit. Work in moderation and i am the one...
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I can support the patients for weight loss regimen by setting a feasible goal for them. I will help them in making a diet plan and exercise plan that will be personalized for individual's health and set goals. I will also guide them about their d...
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