You Are When You Eat

You Are When You Eat

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The secret to better health could be as simple as an early dinnertime.
29 Dec 2016 - General
The only thing that pop-up in my mind is, why not? I'd like to share this article to my friend. If this kind of routine work for her, so I am hoping that this way of losing weight will work too in my friends' struggle. I know our body respond...
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Wow, its fantastic tip to be smart. Is there any scientific logic behind this effort? I think it is. It is true that eating late night has weight gaining impact while eating few hours before sleeping can aid in losing weight. I also want to try it to...
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This is a very interesting article with controversial recommendations. There has been mixed opinions on the benefits of fasting, and in fact a lot of nutritionists do not recommend prolonged fasting. I agree with eating an early dinner in order to av...
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