You Are When You Eat

You Are When You Eat

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The secret to better health could be as simple as an early dinnertime.
29 Dec 2016 - General
The only thing that pop-up in my mind is, why not? I'd like to share this article to my friend. If this kind of routine work for her, so I am hoping that this way of losing weight will work too in my friends' struggle. I know our body respond differently, however it is worth to try. Nothing will loss, we'll just gain something from this. Will charge this one to experience. Thank you fro sharing this article doc ...
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This is a very interesting article with controversial recommendations. There has been mixed opinions on the benefits of fasting, and in fact a lot of nutritionists do not recommend prolonged fasting. I agree with eating an early dinner in order to avoid sleeping on a full stomach. However, I do not recommend eating a huge breakfast meal, especially after a night's fast because it rapidly increases the body's blood glucose. I'd like to get the opinion of other MIMS community members r...
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