More women in Singapore giving birth in their 40s

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29 Dec 2016 - General

Women's fertility drops drastically after 35 but yet, in Singapore, more women are giving birth to babies past 40. This increases the risk of babies having birth deformities, though a couple of television personalities have proven this statistic wrong. Babies can be detected for Down syndrome, but there is no way to prevent it besides conceiving early. An issue would be that the mother would be soon to retire when the child is approaching tertiary education, which would mean there are fewer finances to tap on. However, with financial planning, this can be duly avoided. What are your views on having children late?

Chih Chiang Nieh 10 minback in local news I found an interesting news about this topic which I want to share here. A Chinese women at age of 64 delivered a healthy baby with latest technol...
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Madhubabu kaaja Yes and also women are increasing contributing to the workforce, and are more busy to bear a child. While it really helps to boost our economy, our birth rate takes a hit as ...
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As per statistics the raise in number of births are raising in singapore at age of 40 than compared to 1980s deliveries. The reasons background are differ on case by case basis as per my view. Some of the reasons are late marriage or late planning, i...
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