Too much passive social media use found to create feelings of envy

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30 Dec 2016 - General

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have found that spending long periods of time in scrolling through social media sites - browsing through too many of Facebook's 'perfect' family holiday photos for example - can induce the viewer into "unrealistic social comparisons" and create feelings of envy and dissatisfaction with their lives. However, this appears to affect the 'lurkers' more - passive users who peruse social media without getting involved are more likely to be affected. Actively engaging in conversation and connecting with people on social media seems to be a much more positive experience, as suggested by the study, published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behaviour and Social Networking.

I totally agree with these findings. Social media has many bad sides in spite of the good effects it has created. One of these negative effects is spreading envious emotions. It takes certain level of maturity to accept the wide variations human kind...
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