Community pharmacies and GPs: Complements, not rivals

Community pharmacies and GPs: Complements, not rivals

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The community pharmacy sector in Malaysia has seen steady progress since its establishment in the country. From the early days of "drug stores" that dispense medicine to today's comprehensive provider of health-related products, community pharmacy has transformed itself to become an integral part of the healthcare sector.
30 Dec 2016 - General
Some countries have weak law enforcement and lack of definitive regulations. This is where conflict of interests thrives. Either in the form of rivalry and nonstop interference in others’ jobs or by establishing suspicious partnerships as ...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz
Cooperation between pharmacists and other healthcare professionals is for sure will give a great results and this is how the professional cooperation works.
This ...
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The community pharmacists and the GPs can be rivals if the duties and responsibilities of various jobs are not defined clearly by the government and if strict measures are not implemented for their execution. If the roles of pharmacist and the GP for...
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It's great to hear that in Malaysia and other countries, pharmacists and physicians get to work well together. In the Philippines, doctors and pharmacists have yet to get along well and complement each other. Its great to hear about stories like ...
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We also have a good relationship between doctors and pharmacists. But sometimes these relationships grow to become business deals. Some doctors prescribe drugs that are only sold at certain pharmacies, and they get a cut from the pharmacists. It is i...
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In my opinion, the relationship between pharmacies and other healthcare professionals especially doctors in Malaysia is a very good example for how healthy work ties and professionalism should be. Pharmacists know their role well and respect their bo...
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