The undeniable benefits of mobile technology for the healthcare worker

The undeniable benefits of mobile technology for the healthcare worker

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Many healthcare workers spend a substantial amount of time at their desks facing computers. By harnessing mobile tools and technology, it is possible to lessen this time, and instead spend more of it with patients, thereby improving the quality of patient care and leading to better patient outcomes. Mobile technology can also help hospitals and healthcare facilities in many ways. Here are some ways that mobile technology has benefitted the healthcare sector.
30 Dec 2016 - General
Again and again, technology has been created to make our lives simple, faster and easier. By the demands of the world by now, people wanted to have everything to be handy and be available in a snap of their fingers. It is true that there are a lot of...
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With the aide of this technology, it indeed help us nurses. It makes our work easier and we got more time to attend to our patients need. I had this experienced where during that time we are using the traditional way in requesting for a blood test of...
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Healthcare technology is the trend of the today's era and m-health applications make the work of the healthcare professionals easy and effective. These applications help to take the history, assist in diagnosis and even help in data recording. Th...
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The technology is so advanced these days that everything we can imagine of can be achieved with the touch of a button of the device sitting on your palms. I have seen medical tools that allows the clinician to monitor the patients remotely using thei...
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