Nurses: Are you experiencing a career stagnation?

Nurses: Are you experiencing a career stagnation?

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Career stagnation refers to a phase in one’s career where there is no progress of growth. There are a number of possible reasons that may cause career stagnation, but two major reasons for this condition are stagnation due to individual and interpersonal factors, and stagnation as a result of organisational conditions.
30 Dec 2016 - General
There will always be good and bad days. During our bad days of duty, we can't avoid to feel this way to be something lazy enough, realizing that we wanted a change in our career. Everyday tasks begin to feel like a routine work and you got that feeling of asking for a change in environment, rules and regulations and so much more. It is true that we need to keep track on our goals and see to it what kind of objectives we do have for ourselves as of the moment to maintain the focus and avoid t...
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