The year in review: 2016 in medical and health news – Part 1

The year in review: 2016 in medical and health news – Part 1

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The first part of our year-end countdown of 10 of the biggest health and medicine news of 2016.
30 Dec 2016 - General
Very well said Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan. We are lucky that we got those brilliant scientist and researchers who discovered ways to lessen the burden of our patients. We've got a fruitful year of 2016 venturing out with male contraceptives, blood test to detect breast cancer, etc. We can add up the dengue vaccine as one of the development in this year. It is already out in the market. I have known some frie...
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Truly, 2016 has been a year of so many medical developments and breakthroughs. We are lucky that our knowledge and technology todays allows us to find new treatments and solutions for conditions that seemed untreatable years before. Blood tests for breast cancer and stem cells for stroke, along with the ther breakthroughs are truly very promising for patients. Hopefully, more medical developments like these continue into 2017 and in the years to come! Do you know of any more memorable medical de...
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