Mitigating hospital errors: Recent advancements in medical technologies

Mitigating hospital errors: Recent advancements in medical technologies

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With hospital errors climbing both in terms of number and frequency, precautionary measures have become more important now than ever to mitigate these in order to ensure patient safety. With that in mind, the way forth to safer and more efficient environments is constantly being paved and repaved by advancements in technology. Here's how.
31 Dec 2016 - General
It’s great that technology can help us minimize errors in the medical field and also make treatment mire efficient! We all know that medication errors have the potential to cause serious harm to the patient; even a misplaced decimal point can readily...
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Human as we are we are bound to commit errors. However medication errors in the medical world shouldn't be tolerated as we are dealing with lives. Technology should be implemented to at least lessen and help decrease the chances of error. I'v...
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Technology is going to rule medical field also medication errors can be minimised using advanced technologies for the best patient care. But this is end up with several cons. Hospitals should adopt technology in administrative and other criticial car...
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