Top 7 healthcare stories of 2016 – the Malaysian edition

Top 7 healthcare stories of 2016 – the Malaysian edition

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From the illegal sale of babies to a hospital fire, we take a look ate 7 of the most epic stories that made headlines in Malaysia this year.
31 Dec 2016 - General
I think the expose on babies being sold in Malaysia was also discussed here on a previous thread, and I was really shocked when I first read it and watched the Al Jazeera video. I’ve also seen a lot of fake cosmetics at very cheap prices being sold i...
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I believe it has been a tough year for the health sector in Malaysia. I guess the biggest news in the year was the babies for sale reportage. Al-Jazeera has done a brilliant journalistic work indeed. The budget problems continued to affect the health...
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Yeah, I've read about almost all these news in Malaysia. I think the most that have garnered some impact would be the selling out of babies to those are in desperately in need. Having eight documented cases of Zika virus patients all of Malaysia ...
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These stories are epic and encompasses sad event of 2016 in healthcare professions and hospitals. A huge fire at Sultanah Aminah hospital was resulted from the faulty capacitors incorporated in ceiling lights. The budget 2017, notice to public hospit...
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