Processed Meat Could be Bad for Asthma

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31 Dec 2016 - General

Consuming more than 4 portion of processed meat is a risk for asthma, published in the journal Thorax. Instead of worrying about the composition of processed meat, generally, individuals should be pursuing more healthy lifestyles. There is no clear cut dietary advice for managing asthma, individuals should just eat healthily: take less or even no processed food, take more vegetables and fruits, and food that is low in sugar, salt and LDL.


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Madhubabu kaaja Thank you so much for your comments. I personally feel that canned or processed food is not good for health. Furthermore, canned food also can potentially cause clostridium botulism growth causing botulism. Processed meat contains hig...
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Any processed food should not be consumed as these are contain added chemicals preservatives of unknown quantity and sometimes unapproved agents also. Canned meat is less popular in India where here I am expecting no danger here right now. Moving for...
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