Thank you 2016!

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31 Dec 2016 - General

In just a few hours, new year is going to enter our lives. Let us take time to rest our mind and realize how tough our 2016 was. Be thankful for all the blessings we've had all throughout the year and be ready to embrace 2017. As for here in the Philippines, this season marks a lot of celebration and considered as one of the longest month of unending celebrations. From  home comings, gatherings, weddings, baptisms and down to reunion with our family members. We Filipinos would usually held a party which mainly consist of KTV, buffet food and of course serving our all time favorite "lechon".

Along with the different topics we've had here in the community, I am quite curious on how our fellow healthcare professionals celebrate new year in different parts of the world? Do we also share somewhat the same regardless of age, culture and country?

As for me, be taking my siesta by now and be ready to go on a 12-hour night shift tonight from 7pm to 7am tomorrow. In short, I'll be celebrating new year together with the patients in the hospital and my other team members.

If you don't mind, would you like to impart your ways on how will you celebrate new year in your own little way? Happy new year MIMS community!

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