Overworked employee's suicide prompts soul-searching in Japan

Overworked employee's suicide prompts soul-searching in Japan

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31 Dec 2016 - General
Though the story is sad, it gives hope to others who left working in the company. She is the way to make the rest of the community realized that stressed and overtime must be limited as much as possible. If the worker don't have enough rest and s...
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Issues like this stress the need for work-life balance. It’s about time that corporations and institutions give value to their employees welfare not only by offering attractive benefits, but also by ensuring that their physical, emotional and metal h...
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Yes that is very true. Employers often overlook the burden they put on workers by expecting them do work extra hours. The asd part is that, beaten by poverty, employees also look to find some extra cash by working over time but at times this can bee ...
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Depression is a real problem that is often overlooked. The rise in suicides is definitely a bad a awakening but one that should tell us that we should be more supportive of psychiatric care. Seeing a psychiatrist is still largely taboo here as seeing...
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