Happiness: LSE Study Lets Austerity off the Hook, Psychologists Claim

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31 Dec 2016 - General

A London School of Economics study claims that eliminating depression and anxiety would decrease misery more than decreasing poverty. Many psychologists disagree with this view as they feel that one’s social status is often a cause of misery, and this has held truth for decades. I do feel that depression and anxiety may not be a cause of misery, since they all fall under the category of mental well-being. Instead of counselling, what I feel the impoverished need is social services and public health services - access to better healthcare and definitely better accommodation (especially for the homeless).

Jemelyn Mae Sodusta Thank you for your comments. I do agree that socio-economic status plays a very important role in psychiatric conditions. Even in medical condition many can be associated with poverty - one such example is cervical cancer which is...
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Stated in the study, causes of misery are failed relationships, physical and mental illness. I assume that most of us had already experienced failed relationship or any loss from the family. I can say that when you loss someone (either they passed aw...
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