What parents can do to prepare their child for primary school

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31 Dec 2016 - General

Parents often start pushing their children for academic excellence since Primary 1, however it is not always the best thing to do since there is more to just academics when it comes to schooling. Parents should pre-empt their children about what to expect - buying food on their own, handling change, navigating around school, new friendships, and new classes.

Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan - I think that it really depends on the parents what they expect of their children. Some parents just want their children to have a wonderful childhood to be happy and not to be overly stressed as once they enter school life and eventually workforce, they would be busy. On the other hand there are parents who are very competitive and want their children to be the best and bombard them with extracirruculum lessons even during pre-school years. It is really up to the p...
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