The American system for training doctors is broken

The American system for training doctors is broken

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How do we teach residents to be excellent physicians without systematically endangering patients?
31 Dec 2016 - General
trainees in the different field of medicine all over the world are underutilized, overburdened and fatigued. it's not the problem of the USA only. the major problem with the system is that the policy makers and old doctors are not very comfortabl...
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The healthcare system worldwide is indeed broken. No field taxes its workers more than in the healthcare setting. I agree with the article that this is due to the lack of healthcare professionals available (not just a shortage of doctor). Reducing wo...
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Workplace sleep deprivation may be present in every country and not only in Asia. It is more detrimental to health having pressured mentaly and work without proper rest and relaxation. We are not allowing our body to rejuvenate what has been lost to ...
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I thought that only asians are flooded with lot of over work and over stressed but after reading this story about situations in developed country like united states of america. It is not merely simple task to work for 16 hours which creates so many m...
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