The case against a surgery volume pledge

The case against a surgery volume pledge

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We should adopt an initiative that improves care everywhere, not one that pits one group of doctors against another.
31 Dec 2016 - General
it is said that surgery is more a skill than a profession. if a surgeon performs a diverse type of surgeries in his operation theater, his capability of handling different emergencies is increased. this diversity will also increase the outcome and prognosis of the patients. not everything is written in the books. sometimes experience matters most. but the argument that only hospitals with a high load of patients are good for learning and treatment is wrong. with a high volume of patients, the pr...
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I share the same sentiment with Priscilla Mae Gobuyan . The volume of cases done in a hospital is irrelevant if procedures are done under supervision by competent consultants and supervisors. The issue lies in finding competent healthcare professionals who want to stay full-time in areas outside of the metropolis. This has been the problem since time in memorial and I think that offering good incentives for stayi...
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The capability of a certain institution whether they perfom huge or small number of surgeries greatly depends on its workforce. It is true that the success depends on the equipment, staff, doctors, and above all the knowledge and skills the manpower it possess. Offering low cost operations to patients to prevent performing them all together can be not so beneficial to the system. In fact, it will attract more patients coming into your hospital by offering less though it make a little longer time...
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Definitely it isn't purely the mere volume of patients who undergo surgeries in a certain hospital that is direct cause of not good outcomes. There are many factors that come into play like the capability of the surgeon in doing so, the equipment available in the hospital, adequate staff in terms of having the right number and having those who are able to handle the case. I get how by closing the smaller institutions the emergency services would transfer the patient to the other hospital dee...
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