What CME isn't doing today to align and empower patient outcomes

What CME isn't doing today to align and empower patient outcomes

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Only when we align our knowledge and participate in shared decision making can we truly do our best for patients and allow them to make the best decisions.
31 Dec 2016 - General
CME has been a new trend in the world of medicine. now you can also use just a good forum on the internet to earn CME credits. I think continuous medical education is important for the physician. I have seen many physicians putting up years of practice and not aware of recent guidelines. this practice is quite common among general physicians. once they start practice and get busy in that they seldom think about keeping their knowledge up to date. While there are many problems in the methodology ...
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In the Philippines, CME is ensured through quarterly, midyear, and annual conventions from the different specialty societies. For those who practice as general practitioners, they can further their medical knowledge by joining component societies (every city and province has one) that provide monthly lectures. I think that we all have to make time for this as advancements in our field occur rapidly. For this article, I think the author wants to point out that CME lectures are similar to medical ...
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CME or CPD, Continuing Professional Development as I know it, is not a new trend to me since I started in UK. Every health professionals are encouraged to engage in learning activities to develop and be up to date with their medical knowledge and skills. Online training has been continually used in every workplace that I've been which would normally include the mandatory trainings as we call it, as part of the induction of a newly hired staff. Online training does help in a way as it saves t...
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Continuing medical education has been the new trend for for everyone in the healthcare profession. Living in a competetive oworld by now, we all need to be fully equipped with knowledge and skills. In my opinion, overall this has a positive impact in our career. Though this seem to have a lot of downside like putting much timme, paying more and for some this can be a hassle. If only this CME shall be easily accessible online credits and low cost for a quality training then this can be worth of o...
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