7 bio-inspired inventions that are transforming medicine

7 bio-inspired inventions that are transforming medicine

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In the past few decades, advances in technology and engineering have made it easier to observe nature and borrow ideas, leading to the rise of bio-inspired medicine and bio-mimetic medicine.
31 Dec 2016 - General
Inventions and latest technologies in the field of science and medicine have made our lives very easy and understandable. Gecko tape has powerful effect while silk circuit act as biodegradable circuit and in future it may deliver drug in more precise...
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Mother Nature has been always the best teacher for all humanity. Countless world changing inventions were actually inspired directly from natural counterparts. The inventions mentioned in the article are very fascinating especially the anticancer tec...
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Incredible innovations! As I read each item, I kept on getting more and more amazed by each. Truly, nature offers us a lot of inspiration that can be applied to solve problems in drug handling, drug delivery, surgeries, and more! Hopefully, such inve...
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