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1 Jan 2017 - General

We spent this holiday season with celebrations, family gatherings, reunions, together with foods on our tables and for some, with firecrackers.

Firecrackers has been banned in our country months ago. But this would not stop some of our fellow citizens not to buy this kind of thing to welcome 2017! I observed the people in our place and i have noticed that not all are compliant. I can still hear the traditional way to welcome new year -- the bang of fire crackers.

What have you observed when we welcome 2017? Is banning of firecrackers was effective? Share your thoughts. 

Happy new year everyone! 

(Photo was taken via google. Credits to owner)

Wow. Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts about the topic. I am actually glad to share that in our place there is an decrease cases of firecracker injuries. Looking forward for a strict implementation this year. Jennifer Winter Tahira Nawaz ...
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