Dismissive behaviour: A threat to a doctor’s workplace and career

Dismissive behaviour: A threat to a doctor’s workplace and career

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Dismissive behaviour among doctors is a serious matter and can be very damaging to the people involved. In a study published in Clinical Medicine, researchers found that a third of the doctors in the survey conducted reported that they experience rude, dismissive or aggressive communication from their colleagues [1]. The prevalence of this culture in healthcare institutions can have a negative impact on the abilities and experiences of doctors.
1 Jan 2017 - General
Dismissive behavior by an educated and professional person is not acceptable because it can destroy the friendly environment at workplace. Friendly and communicative environment at any healthcare setting is necessary to facilitate the patients in mor...
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Dismissive and arrogant behaviour is not what is expected from a doctor. A doctor should be empathetic and take into consideration the personal situation of the patient. Also, it is important to respect the colleagues and even the junior staff. If a ...
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Dismissive behavior means showing indifference or disregard, or suggesting that something or someone isn't worth attention or consideration. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to encounter this kind of attitude in healthcare profession. It is not ...
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