The art of empathy to become a better healthcare professional

The art of empathy to become a better healthcare professional

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A new play about nurse-patient interactions is helping nursing students take a serious look at how they can stay empathetic despite gruelling work schedules and long hours. Can art help improve patient care?
1 Jan 2017 - General
Often times people are confused between sympathy and empathy. Empathy must be used in the healthcare set up wherein defined as putting yourself in some other shoe. Many healthcare professionals possess this kind of skill but there are also those who ...
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A person must be competent in both physical and the mental well being because it is being researched and already confirmed that the good mental health will reduce the risk of numerous disease conditions. So along with the medication, the love and car...
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Patients have to depend on the health care professionals for their health needs. It is a realistic approach for the healthcare professionals to learn the art of empathy to facilitate the patients in better way. The art workshops for the training of m...
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This topic has been discussed in the community many times. The doctors and other healthcare professionals need to have empathy towards the patients. It helps in the overall treatment of the patient as many diseases have a psychological cause associat...
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