Weight loss guide for healthy Individuals

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1 Jan 2017 - General

It is not easy to lose weight but you must have to make effort to lose your effort to stay healthy and active and prevent of large number of diseases that are directly linked to weight gain.

A.      Make a realistic commitment

B.      Motivate yourself by comparing positive and negative outcomes.

C.      Set achievable goals

D.      Eat health food, do breakfast, avoid late night snacks and drink green tea with lemon juice

E.       Do exercise and stay active the whole day

F.       Measure the outcome of your plan and follow it accordingly.

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Well, I am in fact looking for a guide to gain some weight. Yeah that is my new year resolution. :D But this is a very important article for people who are obese, which is apparently the majority of the population in my personal experience. It is not...
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I find this article very helpful and matching for the current status of the general public because the obese and over weight portion of the population rises rapidly. Weight reduction itself will help to reduce the risk of having diabetes mellitus, hi...
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Very well said Madhubabu kaaja, it is crucial to have a balance between energy in and energy out to maintain weight. to lose weight we must have lower energy intake and higher energy output ...
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Heavy weight is one of the major problem facing by teens and some adult people irrespective of their developing country status. You have enlightened very useful points for weight loss. Further people who are strong will to lose than others and who mo...
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