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2 Jan 2017 - General

We all are ageing it is true but with which speed we are ageing matters a lot. We must control our ageing process to look younger than our age by:

        i.            Adopting better lifestyle that includes exercise and sufficient sleep

      ii.            Healthy diet that is rich in anti-oxidant, omega 3 fats, fresh green vegetables and fruits

    iii.            Avoid alcohol, sugar, artificial ingredients, fast food

    iv.            Don’t be sedentary rather involve yourself in activity

      v.            Try anti-ageing supplements

    vi.            Must include essential anti-ageing oils in your diet such as frankincense, lavender, myrrh and sandalwood oils.

What you think can slow your ageing?

Hmmm… Physical aging, a topic of a multi-billion industries. From what I think the most important components would be sun protection (a big topic by itself), avoidance of the usage of smoking and living in a good environment. I haven’t personally he...
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This is the worried part of most of the women. Not only them but also men tend to think about the ways to slow the aging process. I think it is better to cut down the artificial food and drinks which are rich of chemicals and instead of that we must ...
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These tips are very nice to follow by all age groups. Thanks for sharing them with us. Although following these tips requires a good level of self-control and not all people might find it easy, the outcomes will be surly worthy. I would rather refer ...
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Who would not love to stay young and healthy for the rest of their lives! :D Although it is still not clear if we can really reverse the process aging, there indeed are factors that make us grow old faster. Eliminate them, and you will be getting old...
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Thanks Heena Pohani for the nice list. Those are definitely all good control measures to follow as they are good for our health as well. I would although add daily moisturizing, drinking mo...
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I can only make suggestions to make the reduce the manifestations of ageing. I think one of the best ways is to know how to manage stressful conditions, since these are unavoidable. Developing healthy coping habits, such as exercising and meditation ...
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Many researches are being done in the field of anti-aging and this has led to development of various skin care products. The post discusses few great ways to slow down the process of aging. Few days back, it was discussed in the community, that being...
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