Plant proteins, healthy fats and more 2017 food trends

Plant proteins, healthy fats and more 2017 food trends

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If the food trends of 2016 could be summed up in three words, they would be: protein, paleo and local. What food trends will we be seeing in 2017?
2 Jan 2017 - General
A protein is a protein irrespective of its sourcing , then what are the differences between this plant and animal proteins. Are plant proteins are superior with respect to nutrient values and digestive properties. What is your choice and preference f...
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Speaking of gluten free diets, it is mostly who have no idea what gluten actually is that try to be gluten free. People need to be educated that gluten is not a carcinogen. It is just a compound that some people might be intolerant to. Thank you for ...
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Healthy diet is essential for a healthy body. Vegans usually face a hard time while fulfilling the protein requirement. Also, gluten free diet is getting popular and this article suggests a different option called Sorghum for people with gluten alle...
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