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3 Jan 2017 - General

One of my colleagues is working in a Gyn and Obs ward and following an emergency caesarian section on post OP day 02 the patient developed tachycardia. Other than that she was haemodynamically alright. While doing the 2D echo she was found to have left sided pleural effusion. What could be the reason for this condition?

According to the CTG, the features suggestive of fetal distress. So they have suspected placental abruption and during the surgery they have not found any abruption there. In the 2D echo the ejection fraction was above 60% and Troponin I was also nor...
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That is an interesting scenario Rajinda Asalage . I would like to ask, what was the indication for an emergency caesarean section? Also, what was the ejection fraction in the echocardiogram...
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