Four-year-old’s eye accidentally glued shut by doctors

Four-year-old’s eye accidentally glued shut by doctors

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Doctors accidentally glued a four-year-old boy’s eye shut, leaving him screaming in terror and unable to open his eye for five days.
3 Jan 2017 - General
Oh my! This hospital is the nearest one to me and I know of a lot of Filipinos who worked here and I haven't read or heard about this yet. Maybe I spend too much time on MIMS than reading the local paper. Anyway, I would have to agree that it mus...
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Madhubabu kaaja i'm shocked from what I read about this case, I think that doctors should be more professional by estimating the solution they use and the consequences of what they do.  (Total 63 words)
Doctors should avoid surgical mistakes in order to facilitate patients. As mentioned by Marinelle Castro that application of surgical glue on four year child is a big mistake although it w...
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Madhubabu kaaja From what I've read, the surgical glue was not accidentally applied to the eye itself. It was applied to the wound, which unfortunately contaminated the lids, causing th...
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I just can't imagine how the doctors applied glue in to eye. Have you seen in an around your locality. I can feel the pain of this four years old Jay resident of England. However it is wrong practice and I never seen in my life. Even tried a lot ...
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