5 of the most disastrous medical stories involving human errors

5 of the most disastrous medical stories involving human errors

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These stories of human errors in medicine may be relatable, as many occur during routine procedures, in the hands of perfectly competent professionals. It is only a matter of the right – or rather, wrong - time, place, and person coming together to orchestrate these errors into a final, disastrous outcome.
3 Jan 2017 - General
In medicine there is a very very narrow margin for error, if at all any. BEcause we are treating human lives, once a harm is done to a patient by mistake it is often irreversible. So we as healthcare professionals should be extra precautious not to d...
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Tahira Nawaz Marinelle Castro It is truly sad that these events have occurred. But they are surely the tip of an iceberg of near...
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These are medical errors which are both horrifying for the patients and the medical professionals involved. No doctor wants to commit a mistake, especially irreversible ones, which causes a permanent disability or a lifelong psychological effect on t...
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It has been observed that disastrous medical error can occur during routine medical processes and procedure by qualified medical professionals. As we have read the case in previous threads about wrong sperm impregnation and fatal blood testing during...
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