Cancer: From conventional cures to modern medications

Cancer: From conventional cures to modern medications

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Cancer has had a long and wrought history. As our understanding of the disease progresses, so do our options of treating it. Indeed, cancer therapies have progressed from surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, to the more sophisticated methods that are used today.
3 Jan 2017 - General
Advancements in cancer treatment has been very rapid over the past decade. One reason for that is there is a growing number of patients being diagnosed with cancer every year. And on the other hand, these treatment methods are extremely expensive the...
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Heena Pohani I do agree you that malignant tumors are still conditions which have a really poor prognosis. In a recent Freakonomics on Bad medicine ( Its a 3 part series), there is a menti...
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Malignant tumors is still a disease that can have a poor prognosis. Although, due to the recent advancements in diagnosis and treatment of cancer, there has been an improvement in this direction, still there is a hope of a better future. It really su...
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Cancer history dates back from before Christ that effecting various body parts not limited to anything even tissues and blood. Even till date major research is carrying for cancer treatment and control. Various methods are available and some are in c...
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