FDA puts leukaemia drug trial on hold after four patient deaths

FDA puts leukaemia drug trial on hold after four patient deaths

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Four patients have died during a leukaemia drug trial conducted by a leading pharmaceutical company in the US. The drug, vadastuximab talirine has been placed on a clinical hold by the FDA while they evaluate if it caused the deaths.
3 Jan 2017 - General
Madhubabu kaaja there is certainly no way that a scientist can avoid something that he does not know yet. Prior to carrying out clinical trials, research studies undergo initial phases of study using animals as subjects. It is likely that the mentioned complications were not obtained in animal subjects and there was no way the researchers would have known that it is likely to happen. At most, researchers can do c...
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For your question Madhubabu kaaja , if there is any way to avoid clinical trial deaths. In my opinion, yes there is, if the pharmaceutical company or drug reseachers will stop using cancer patients (human) as their way to disclose the effectivity of their drugs. Though as mentioned by Kathleen Peralta, trials done through humans gi...
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We can never blame research of these clinical trial drugs to human. You are right Kathleen Peralta that not all of the drugs being tested to animals are have the same effects and results with humans. Though it may sound heartbreaking to see fellow human being suffering from these clinical trials, they have given such consent before going with the procedure. If we want to have great results then great sacrifices ...
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