Here's How Often You Should Wash Your Bath Towel

Here's How Often You Should Wash Your Bath Towel

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I hate to break it to you, but your bath towel is dirty – really dirty. The moment you use it, it becomes a breeding ground of bacteria; fungi; dead skin cells; salivary, anal and urinary secretions; and many other germs lingering in your bathroom...
3 Jan 2017 - General
Jemelyn Mae Sodusta Yes I do remember this bath towel subject. It also came along with the topic about how bathing everyday is not necessary. Ek! Sorry I am incapable of doing that. I definitely see how bath towels are a breeding site. For towels in the hospital I avoid using them to dry my hands and instead use the blow dryer, air dry my hands or be all boy and wipe them on my pants (as I believe they are cleane...
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"If there is odour coming from the towel, wherever there is odour, there are microbes growing so it should be washed." Can this be not a guideline to wash the towel instead? As most of you have commented and have been true that we don't wash as frequent as what was recommended in this article. Sometimes, knowing too much can cost us wasting our time on unnecessary things, such as washing towels every 3 days or so. Our grandparents' parents lived without the worry of getting in...
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