The psychological secrets to successful resolutions - BBC News

The psychological secrets to successful resolutions - BBC News

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There are psychological tricks which can help people achieve and stick to their new year goals.
4 Jan 2017 - General
It's quite an interesting topic as many of us make new year resolutions, yet fail to stick to them throughout the year. The tricks mentioned in this post will be really helpful for anyone who has a goal and is not able to stick to it like the ple...
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Such a good read. As we all know, most of us are bound to make a new year's resolution. And not all can succeed to their list. I agree that it is all in psychological aspect and depending on the dedication of the person. However, it is really use...
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I must say, this is a nice read and a good motivator. As mentioned, goals should be achievable. And like a nursing objective, it should be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound. You won't go wrong if you follow SMART w...
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With every New Year, there is a new hope to achieve what we couldn’t in the last year. The list usually contains health related resolutions. Although a related topic has been discussed recently, I find this article very helpful as it discusses New Ye...
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